Bricks and blocks provide the basis of many projects throughout the West Midlands, whether you are looking to complete a small job or a much larger project such as an extension or new build. As any trades person will tell you, sourcing the right brick for the job is half the battle, whatever the size or specification of your project, but with our huge selection of clay, engineering, concrete and reclaimed bricks, you can find the building supplies and essentials you need at a competitive price.

We have been supplying trades people and home improvers across the region with bricks, blocks and lintels of varying densities and styles since we opened our doors over 35 years ago. As well as supplying high quality bricks at affordable prices, you can choose from facing, LBC, facing, engineering, spaced, angled or concrete bricks. Our collection of facing bricks in a variety of colours and styles means you can find materials suitable for your specific project, whilst for those looking for strength and all weather protection, our range of engineering bricks provide the perfect fit.

All our bricks comply with British Standard requirements, whilst the J.K. Building Supplies team is on hand to ensure you get the advice and support you need when making your selection. We also specialise in brick cutting and brick matching so you can harness a complete service, whatever your project requirements.

We currently stock the following bricks:

  • Tuscans
  • Tradesman Heathers 65/73mm
  • Semi Engineering 65/73mm
  • Sherwood 65mm
  • Dorket Fireglow 65mm
  • Euturia Mixture 65mm
  • Red Dragface 65mm
  • Himley Mixed Russetts 65mm
  • Tradesman Tudors 65mm
  • Tradesman Dapplelight 65mm
  • Tradesman Rustic 65mm
  • Tradesman Golden Buff 65mm
  • City Multi 73mm
  • Callerton 73mm
  • LBC (Commons/Rustics/Heathers) 65/73mm
  • Blue Perforated Bricks 65mm
  • Blue Solids 65mm
  • Burntwood Rustics 65/73mm
  • Alridge Rustics 65/73mm
Other bricks are available on request.

However big or small your upcoming project is, call us today with your enquiry on 0121 525 5593

you can also browse our facing, LBC, facing, engineering, spaced, angled or concrete bricks right here.